Oh this thing called sketching…

I am so in awe of all the sketch artists that put so much life and emotion into their sketches. Who make their characters come alive on paper. It’s like magic to me.

Some day, some day, with tons of practise maybe…


Reaching for breath…

through light,

through quiet solitude,

through the silent movement of pen over paper,

reaching for the self,

again and again and again….







Loose, loose, loose….

Much better…

The  more I write, the more I draw and paint, the more I realise how important it is to stay true to your own voice. When the art flows naturally, it feels right, it belongs. The judgement falls away making room for acceptance and for being.

So here’s to staying true to our inner voice.

Rock on!!

It was cold this night…


Cold nights are always so wonderful to read about in books.


Within the confines of my warm room, I always want to step out into the crispiness of it all. To breathe in that cleansing cold air and breathe out those dragon puffs into the mittens of my hands. Cold tipped ears, cold tipped nose, warm cinnamony sentiments.

But without, it is such a different story.

It was cold last night. The assault was instantaneous. ‘Ere I stepped out, and there I was shrouded within the frigid folds of the night.

Stiffened bones, broken breath, burning lungs…

I was beside myself with the misery of it until I happened to look up. And there the moon cut a sickle against the night sky and glowed softly towards the star. And the lone star winked back at the moon and perhaps blushed at her own temerity. There was a softness there. A romance. Warm cinnamony sentiments.


I kept my gaze skyward, shamelessly eavesdropping on the lovers, until the glow of their mayhap-imagined romance overwhelmed me and what warmth was mine until shelter could be found.

Collaging of souls.


This tattered old soul
full of holes
and gaps
where memories
have fallen

This tattered old soul
that yet clings
to those
that whip across
the conscious self
like bright spots of color
where others are faded,
washed out. Dimmed.

And this consciousness
dipped in those bright spots of colour,

I willingly tether
to the tattered old soul
across whose dusty,
faded pages
this story yet unfolds,
for time untold.



Bathed in moonlight.

He rises on my side of the room

all shadow and shimmer

and I possess the temerity

to claim him.

To call him


Sweet foolishness.

But if he is ascribed with lunacy,

I am but a mere human.

A human in the cool pocket of his embrace.

He looks down at me

through the gauzy, willowy blinds

with his pale unadorned intensity.

I beg you,

how can I resist?

About affirmations and such….

Its strange and strangely comforting to hear a life affirmation from the mouth of a complete stranger, when you least expect it, and when you most need it.

Mysterious are the ways of the Universe.

There was a thought that had a hold of me which was making me a wee bit anxious. It wasn’t a constant mind guest, but, it visited often enough to become a bit of a bother. It would pop out like a jack in the box when I least expected it, making my stomach drop and churn, leaving me feeling queasy and uneasy. I needed to settle it. I wanted it gone. I was done with it.

So during Yoga, I chose detachment as the day’s intention.

Detachment: freedom from self-interest or bias; the act of disengaging or separating something.

Detachment from worry, from anxiety, from my ego which was holding on to that thought and making it personal when it needn’t have been. It was time, and apparently the right time to let it go, because all through the sun salutations, I could not stop crying. I gathered all that anxiety upon my breath and released it, let it go. The tears were of quiet joy, of release and acceptance.

At peace, my heart full and with a soft gaze, I headed to the grocery store and instead of going to the self check out line as I normally do, I let myself get ‘lured’ to a regular check out aisle where the helper, a complete stranger to me, looked me straight in the eye and asked if I was alright. And when I said yes, quite out of the blue, he said,

‘Its okay. Its all good. It all works out.’

You could have knocked me down with a feather. Struck dumb, I simply stared at him for a moment and then something exploded in my heart and I burst out laughing. It was my turn to look him in the eye and say,

‘Yes. Yes, it sure does.’

Hearing him speak that affirmation was akin to putting the last nail in the coffin of that troublesome thought and I laid to rest for good.

Strange indeed are the ways of the Universe and it sure has our back, don’t you think?


More challenges…

Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’…into the future…..toot toot to do..

I finished the 10 day challenge! It was fun and a lovely excuse to indulge my love of doodling for a few minutes everyday. Something which, not unlike this blog,I keep putting off for another day, another hour, when I have more time…. Time. Is there anything more ephemeral than time?

So it was good to be held accountable. It made me suit up and show up.

A musical instrument.

A musical instrument.

Redesign a book cover.

Redesign a book cover.

City scape.

City scape.

Favorite food.

Favorite food.

Write and illustrate a haiku.

Write and illustrate a haiku.

With roses on their breath

Two butterflies give chase

With sun kissed wings.

Art Challenge Day 2

Today’s prompt was ‘Body of Water’.

Oh dear, I am in trouble already. Anything that moves or is the least bit ephemeral is simply beyond me.

I think I have a ‘deficiency’. I seriously cannot grasp the subtleties between light and shadow when an object is transparent or semi-transparent. Like the Iris from yesterday’s challenge. I have to rely a LOT on my imagination to fill in the shadows, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but, it does render the object a bit askew or plastic-ky. But that’s okay too I suppose because once my “inner critic” accepts that that is my version of the iris, its all good. Its all in the name of art after all, eh? 😉

So here’s my imaginary (it really isn’t all that imaginary. Pretty standard stuff really.) drawing of a Body of Water…


All in all, I spent an awesome 30 minutes doodling in the shadows. It did do my soul a lot of good. And that’s always a good thing!