Re-worked an older one. It needed a bit of a pick me up. A bit of a freshening, airing, a brightness.
*The green in the photo is slightly greener than on the canvas.
Acrylics on Canvas
20″ x 16″

New piece.

Started a new piece yesterday. There is always that thrill and slight trepidation of starting a new painting. That initial burst of energy as one puts colours down on the canvas in a willy nilly fashion, looking, out of the corner of the eye, for something to show up, to peak one’s interest. That AHA moment!



And it did. The shape of his head. But it is not finished yet. The painting is asking for more and I do not know yet what that something is. So, I will be in my little room that I call my studio and work on solving this little mystery. Hope it leads me somewhere good.



Sometimes, you just gotta jump in!! I bought some oil paints!

Just a few basic colours to play with.


I have always been drawn to oil paintings. The vibrancy of colour, the depth. They seem so much more richer and complex. But I have always been intimated by them, too. I lack the discipline required to work with them. Besides, the way I paint is not very conducive to working with oil paints because oil paints stay wet longer than acrylics which does not work for my layer and texture building process (if I can call the way I paint a process). I have no doubt it will eventually all turn into brown mush. But then, you know, you never know till you try…so I thought, what the hey, YOLO!, and jumped in with both feet!


And guess what, I really, really enjoyed it! It’s such a different world! So meditative and deliberate and intense! I loved the slow movement of thought and action. The balance between being deliberate and organic.


Time to get more colours, me thinks!


Inside Outside


36″ x 36″ Acrylics on Canvas

The world is ablaze, and everyday, the fire reaches in more and more. More and more everyday, I try to stave off it’s heat for fear of going up in flames, of being consumed. More and more everyday, the outside threatens to become the inside.

But I won’t let it.

Not until I have this breath, this light, this birdsong, and the firm belief that there is more kindness and love in this world than fire and meanness. And I see that kindness and love everyday in the voices raised against injustice. That is what I choose to believe and focus on.

Kindness and love.

Be the light.


Crowns of blue.


Of Crowns and Things. Acrylics on Canvas. 8″ x 10″

I love painting abstract-ish paintings. I like their looseness, their spontaneity, their expansiveness. There are no boundaries and anything goes. I really like the way this one turned out! Happiness is me! ­čÖé





Acrylics on Canvas 24″ x ┬á48″

This baby has been through so many changes, transformations. A dab here, a swath there! I love the quick ‘furtive’ movements of adding a dab here, a dab there, a detail here, a detail there…and I love the wide expansive ┬ámovement of my arm and my palm as I put down broad strokes of paint in corners, on the face. That part, to me, is why I paint. It’s a dance. It’s moving with the painting. Of emerging with it.



0315161636 - Edited

Acrylics on Canvas, 30″ x 40″

Painting this one was an intense experience. The expansiveness of the painting gestures was so gorgeous, I could not stop. The energy was all consuming. I had to paint on another canvas just to work it all off. I love painting this way when it takes over your mind and body and all you feel is this tremendous energy flowing through you. There is only the paint, the canvas, and your hands.

Countess de Peach.

0315161636a (1)

Acrylics on canvas, 30″ x 40″

This is a strange little departure for me. I am used to the more dark, awkward elements in my paintings. This one is almost pleasing. I love all the stuff going on around her hair. All that energy.

She seems to be waiting, very patiently, for her afternoon tea and crumpets.