Up up up…and away…!!

A rising sun, an Orangina of a hot air balloon, the cold vast sweep of the Atlas Mountains, another X on the bucket list, and we are off to a good start!



With a Berber breakfast of boiled eggs, bread, olives, fruit, mint tea…served under a tent in this pretty little yard…snug in our bellies, we took a 10 minute drive to the tethered, flaming balloon.



A few blistering puffs of fire and she was ready to sail the skies. All aboard!! Into the basket with wings!

It wasn’t as cold up there as we thought it might be. And the blast from the propeller (?) kept us warm, too. Hamid, our pilot, was fabulous! He was so very funny, he had us in stitches the whole entire time! It made the ride even more entertaining and memorable!


For miles and miles, the weightlessness of a blue diffused sky, and in one sweeping, unsuspecting moment, the eye is caught and held by the edges of these mountains and they shimmer into being-ness…into their cool grounded vastness…and they roll off the edges of the vision and beyond…into the grey dawning sunlight. Utterly mesmerizing.



Bird’s eye view of a Berber village.



The sun glanced off their stretched wings, and we marveled at the feat of man that we could look down upon the flight of birds.


And before we could say, hey pronto, it was time to dismount and roll up the breathing dragon.


Back on the ground, this little boy was helping his father herd the sheep. It took him a few minutes, but he was able to guide the mama and lamb safely back to the herd. High five!

Next up?! Camel ride!! Another X on the bucket list!


L1010878 - Edited

This photo was taken by one of our nephews’. Thank you!!

It was a quick 15 minute ride across the road and around an open space. It was so worth it! The camels were sweet and docile, talking to each other in low grunts. I wonder what they were saying to each other. They were so sweet, they even allowed me to pet them!



Who knew camel rides could be so much fun!


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