Train to Marrakech.

Taking the train in Morocco was very evocative of Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

Trains run every two hours from Casablanca to Marrakech. The first class fare was about 140 dirhams per ticket, one way. There is a small store inside the front entrance of the station which sells a lot snacks, drinks, small travelling necessities like toothpastes and soaps… There is also a very rudimentary coffee shop inside as well as a clean restroom.

Note: The train was over two hours late, which, we were told, was the norm for this particular one.

So, to kill the time, we ate some (a lot of!) chocolate, walked up and down the platform, enacted a scene from a Bollywood movie (there were 10 of us, so plenty of extras ;)), learned how to hip hop and waltz from our 12 year old nephew, pieced together a few words of French to try and figure out the mystery of the missing train, and where the first class carriages would be, if and when it did arrive…until, finally, it did!


Yaye! All aboard!

The coupe/compartment was very spacious and comfortable. They also bring in a trolley with snacks and drinks! So we pretended to be on Hogwarts Express (of course we did!) and bought Butter Beer (Orangina) and Chocolate frogs (Pringles) and settled in for the three hour ride to Marrakech.

The windows were dirty but I could not resist a few shots of the passing country side which was quite beautiful!.

Note: We booked two cabs from our hotel (the hotel staff were super helpful!) to the train station. They charged 400 dirhams for both (which I personally think is very much on the high side but hey..), and it was about a 30 minute drive through the city.


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