Palais Badii, Marrakech.

Palais Badii was built by Saadian king Ahmed El Mansour Ed Dahbi to commemorate his victory over the Portuguese army in the Battle of the Three Kings in 1578.

With open courtyards, beautiful sunken orange groves, a central fountain, and intricate tile work, El Badia (the incomparable), was built to impress. It was built to entertain officials and the elite of the city with feasts and celebrations.

But, alas, subdued under the afternoon sun, all we see now are the ruins of this once beautiful palace.

  • There is a nominal entrance fee of 10 dirhams.
  • You can watch a virtual tour of the palace in one of the rooms. Gives you an idea of the pomp and splendour of the place back in it’s day.
  • There is a photography exhibit in another room that ends on April 30th, 2016. 





The perfume from the orange blossoms was exquisite! I was bewitched! I simply could not get enough of it.


Underneath the courtyard, there is a dungeon that is said to have held prisoners. It has been turned into a very informative museum with a few artifacts and many photographs.



Built of bricks, this main gate, you can imagine, can’t you, all the dignitaries riding in on their horses through this giant of a gate with much pomp and ceremony. It has now been covered with a ‘chain mail’ made from soda cans for maintenance I believe (?).



From high atop the terrace, the city sprawls for miles together under the warm midday sun.

Very Prince of Persia-esque!



Nests that pour down chimneys and crumbling walls, and storks that perch upon their twisting mass looking upon the whole with cool beady eyes. They do add a certain something to the feel of the palace, don’t you think?



My son captured this beautiful moment.

A feathered fan upon a ghost of a palace.


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