Mederssa Ben Youssef, Marrakech

Sometimes one is simply unable to wrap one’s mind around the sheer breadth and depth of human craftmanship. All you can do is stand in awe and gape, slack jawed, at the immensity and beauty of it all. Just breathe it in and be present to the magnificence.

An Islamic College in Marrakesh, Mederssa Ben Youssef, is the largest Mederssa in Morocco. Built in the 14th century, it has supremely intricate and exquisite cedar, marble, and stucco carvings. It has 130 student cells and may have housed as many as 900 students at one point! From top to bottom, this Mederssa is absolutely awe inspiring!

Closed down in 1960, it was refurbished and reopened in 1982 as a historical site.

  • Entrance fee is 10 dirhams.
  • I recommend hiring a guide who can give you all the interesting tidbits of information.



The Courtyard.


One of the classrooms.


A quiet doorway to learning.


After all the hubbub of the streets, these little classrooms are quiet, cool, and serene. A perfect place to pray and study.


Just look at those carvings!!



Exquisite, no?



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