Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Exquisite, no?

How can one travel to Morocco and not visit Casablanca?! We visited this city made eternal by their “romance”. Of course, it is nothing like the movie, but still… it is the idea of the thing, right?

We stayed at the Park Suites Hotel on Hassan II Angle Rue de Terves. It is a great place to stay and the hospitality there is phenomenal! Very helpful, friendly, big smiles. The rooms were big too! All in all, very comfortable!



The local train.


Hassan II Mosque


Beautiful detail inside the mosque.



Is there anything prettier? Notice the beer? Casablanca. 🙂 Restaurante Les Pilotis.

I wish I could publish more..but the internet is excruciatingly slow and it’s taking FOREVER to upload the photos! 🙂

So I bid you Au Revoir for now.

A bientot!


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