Cross roads


Cross roads.

All these choices we make. Every hour of every day.

Crisscrossing lines of what ifs and shouldas and that single overlying golden throb of a Yes!

Despite my woozy, perhaps non-existent would be the right word, sense of creativity lately, I said yes to painting because I needed, no, I wanted to share something at our monthly meeting of the Mixed Media Mavens.

Painting this one felt a little clinical. I felt the energy but there was no accompanying crackling fizz of an undercurrent. The one that has me shaking sometimes.

But still, I painted. And that matters. A lot.


7 thoughts on “Cross roads

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  2. Whatever did or didn’t feel inspired/inspiring to you, I LOOOVE this piece! The textures, the understated yet clean, crisp colors that complement each other so well—and especially, the fearless graphic quality of it: geometry without limits. Such a beauty. Like you, of course.

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