Art Show! YAYE!!

I am participating in a group art show with some phenomenal artists. I am so excited!!


We hung up the artwork today, and I must say, it looks awesome!! Although, I don’t know which I enjoyed more. Hanging up the art or hanging out with my artist friends.





These are some of the paintings that I have put up in the show.


Photographs 2 003

Photographs 2 006

Photographs 2 007

Photographs 2 009




These two babies below, are not for sale. They will be put up for auction in ‘The Cure Starts Now Foundation‘ fundraiser. Every year, the Cure Starts Now Foundation raises funds to help cure cancer. I feel so honoured to be asked to donate for such a cause!



So, if you are in the neighbourhood, please do drop in. I promise it will be fun!!

Pendleton Studios, OTR
1310 Pendleton Avenue,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Studio # 712

Friday, October 30th
6 pm – 10 pm


4 thoughts on “Art Show! YAYE!!

  1. Wish I could be there! (Love Cincinnati, too—but especially to see your art! And YOU!!)

    I’m seeing quite a bit of Chagall in some of these ones. Maybe it’s my mood, or maybe it’s just that the first four or so particularly have hints of his wonderful blend of whimsy and pathos, joy and mystery and magic all swirling together in a marvelous color palette that’s also reminiscent of some of the Chagall pieces I have especially enjoyed. In any case, lovely stuff! Congratulations, dearest!!!


  2. This sounds like so much fun for all the reasons you mentioned, and if I didn’t live on the other side of the country, I would be there! Your art is lovely, and I especially love the horse. Have fun and good luck!

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