Queens of Sparrow-landia.

Alt Park and pigeon 001

Alt Park and pigeon 002

Alt Park and pigeon 004

Winged dervishes,
so incredibly chatty,
whirring to and fro,
to and fro,
from latticed windows
and great columned halls
that might have housed
kings and queens,
but now, only
this…mad twitterings
of flight lessons, and worms,
and gossipy doings
of neighbours
that ring down the empty halls
from dawn to dusk
raising ghosts
in inky corridors
and on dusty
floors that once knew
the soft tread of
hennaed feet.
But now..
but now..
only this..the Queens
of Sparrow-landia.
Oh, and did I mention,
in every crevice,
deep golden cups of
spun husk
and sun licked straw.

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