Two things…

The first thing: I think Juliette Binoche is a very beautiful woman. She glows with an inner force. She not only glows but she has this vivid rootedness in her stance, and in her eyes. It pours over her shoulders and the long curve of her neck and in the way she carries herself. She looks alive, intensely present in every moment. Her acting, like that of Judi Dench and Kate Winslet, is very textural. Gritty. To me at least. And the laugh! Complex. Rich. I recently came across it being described as a dirty laugh. And I thought, how apt!

Which brings me to the second thing: I have had visions of these flowers in my mind for sometime now which I simply HAD to put down on canvas.


And on looking at the finished painting, my first thought, this is what a full throated, dirty laugh would look like to me. Layered. Muddy. Splattered. Like flowers in a storm.


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