A Day at Ann Arbor. {The Main Street}

The sun was at a slant. Evening, then night was fast approaching upon the heels of a lazy afternoon. Walking was thirsty work. It was time to hit the town.

Music, Food, Wine, Chatter…

The Main Street was bustling with people out for a good time. Some eateries had wide comfortable couches on the sidewalks with broad umbrellas. Cozy comfort. Sparkling wine, sizzling food, smiling faces adorned the sprawling tables.

ann arbor 141-2

ann arbor 142-2

ann arbor 143-2

ann arbor 146

ann arbor 148-2

There’s something about live music, isn’t there? It just adds a whole different feel to an evening. It lifts and elevates.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, found this jewel of a bookstore on one of the side streets. I am sorry to say that I did not note down the name of the store but I spent a very happy hour browsing its musty, helter-skelter, knee high piles of bookly treasures.

ann arbor 122

ann arbor 123

And then, for the finale, a pizza and a pint at The Jolly Pumpkin.

ann arbor 125

ann arbor 130

ann arbor 133

And on that note ended our long glorious sojourn at Ann Arbor. Tally Ho, my lovelies!


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