A Day at Ann Arbor. {Matthaei Botanical Gardens}

A photographical glimpse. 🙂

The Tropical Garden.

ann arbor 063

ann arbor 064

ann arbor 066

ann arbor 067

ann arbor 068

The Cacti Garden.

ann arbor 072

ann arbor 073

ann arbor 074

ann arbor 075

ann arbor 071

ann arbor 076

The Bonsai Garden.

ann arbor 085

ann arbor 086

The walkways.

ann arbor 102

ann arbor 105

ann arbor 108

There were many many different plants along the walkways which weren’t in bloom yet and so I do not have any photographs of those. 😦

The nature trails.

ann arbor 089

ann arbor 091

ann arbor 093

ann arbor 094

ann arbor 096

ann arbor 109

ann arbor 110

ann arbor 115

ann arbor 118

What groweth here? A shroom? A snail?

ann arbor 119

Very few things are as pleasurable and satisfying as walking bare feet in the grass. It was soft and moist under my feet. The stream gurgled along, prancing, singing, tinkling…gentle company to my rustling, lingering feet.

ann arbor 097

And this sweet creature, taking a moment to bask in the sunlight in his front yard.

He invited us in for a cuppa but we had to forego the immense pleasure for sheer lack of time. Tick tock!


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