A Day at Ann Arbor. {Farmer’s Market}

Across the street from Zingerman’s, there was a Farmer’s Market in full swing! Flowers, fresh produce, herbs, breads, honey, jewelery, scarves, pastries…faces flushed with percolating culinary ideas and baskets flushed with matching produce…

There is something deeply satisfying about eating straight off the land, in a manner of speaking, isn’t it? Of connecting with the faces, the loving hands that have grown the red rhubarb and the green green lettuce.

ann arbor 038
ann arbor 040
ann arbor 042
ann arbor 041

{I was worried about offending the vendors and so decided not to take any photos of the produce.:)}

However, I did see this above a sliding door that leads to wonders within like a cafe, an art store, a fresh produce store..to name a few…

ann arbor 049
ann arbor 048

Wonderful, isn’t it?

And this sweet guy waiting so patiently for his loved ones. Bless him!

ann arbor 050

I hope he gets a very special treat for his patience. Fresh from the market too!


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