A Day at Ann Arbor. {Breakfast}

Spring is spectacular in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Overflowing, exuberant, fragrant. But since most of the trees we oogled over were lined up along the main thoroughfare, the photographs appear blurry having been taken from the window of a moving car. And no, I was not driving while taking the photographs. ;D

ann arbor 160-2

ann arbor 156-2

ann arbor 152

ann arbor 114

ann arbor 154-2

I love sleepy college towns, don’t you? There is an oddly wonderful energy permeating their very streets. Those old cobbled streets hum with life under the pattering of youthful feet. Sleepy voices carry over the careworn walls, hollow and echoing, a strange mingling of past and present. Generations have passed through here in a quest for knowledge, futures, hopes and dreams.

But I suppose that is neither here nor there since the first order of the day was breakfast.

ann arbor 011-2

Somebody else had a similar idea.

And since not everyone can manage to munch so gracefully while gracing the branch of a tree, we had to settle for a table at Zingerman’s Deli.

ann arbor 052

You have to see it to believe it. It’s sprawling and gorgeous. Shelves and shelves of breads, cheeses, olive oils, meats, jams, cookbooks…

ann arbor 032

ann arbor 031ann arbor 030

ann arbor 033

There is seating inside, outside and upstairs. It is packed with foodies and no wonder. The food is delicious!!

ann arbor 025

Benno’s Birdie (left), Big Al’s Saturday Night Special (back), and Gemini Rocks the House (right)

The bread was hearty and wholesome, the mozzarella was soft and creamy, the pesto alive with the freshness of basil, and the tomatoes, ripe and juicy.

It was one of the freshest tasting sandwich I have ever had! Ever!

And for dessert…?

ann arbor 019

Spanish drinking chocolate.

In their own words, “a demitasse of super thick dark chocolate from enric rovira in barcelona that demands to be enjoyed with a spoon!

In my own words, “YUM!”


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