An artist’s date with an artist.

Much as I enjoy walking in company, there is much to be said about a solitary ramble. Having no one else to please, one can meander at will without the need to look over one’s shoulder. Peer at every flower, buzz with every bee or simply sit under the arbor and listen to the chirping choir. The time is yours and yours alone.

What an idea!

The trees were frothing at the gills. Blooms, blooms everywhere under the iridescent blue. Thrusting, spilling, bursting, vivid, vigorous…

The green of spring is so young and luminous. Fragile.



this and that 023

this and that 019




One of the tasks in the Artist’s Way is an artist’s date. Two hours spent, alone, doing something that speaks to you, that fills up the emptying coffers of your heart and soul.

So I made a date with the Eternal artist.

What better way to be inspired, to fill up those emptying coffers of one’s heart and soul.


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