A sale! Or two!

I sold two paintings at the art walk.

To say I was/am thrilled, ecstatic, grateful, over the moon, would be an understatement. I was also stunned at the time, in shock. I was so engrossed in the experience of ‘showing’, that I didn’t even think about the selling part. My thought processes simply hadn’t gone that far. It came as a thunderbolt, though a most beauteous one.

I felt like an absolute fish out of water. Not unlike Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrel’s character in Taledega Nights.


What do I do with my hands?

After that first moment of wha’?….wha’?…thank goodness I gathered my wherewithal, enough at least, to thank the sweet lady who bought the Toucan painting. She was absolutely thrilled with it. And I was thrilled that she was thrilled! 😀


My dear friend, Nancy Gamon, bought the other one.


Speaking of whom….I bought this gorgeous necklace from her.


That’s her painting inside the frame! Isn’t it amazing?

Actually, I liked so many of her necklaces that I simply could not choose and had her choose one for me. I LOVE her choice! Don’t you?

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