Obdurately Simple.

At heart, I am a simpleton.
Not to be confused with non-cunning,
(Is that even a word?),
Or guileless,
Or naive
Or any of those things, words
that imply innocence.
Innocent I am not.
Nonetheless, a simpleton, I am.
Though there is much guile in my make,
Use for it, I have none.
I do not wish to conquer worlds,
nor even hearts.
I do not wish to topple kingdoms
nor yet shout slogans at doors.
Though, perhaps I should.
For I am of this world
and partake of it willingly
and there is much that needs changing,
looking after.
But there it is. I am a simpleton.
A simpleton set in her ways.
Obdurate. That is what I am.
And alas, obdurate I shall always remain.


2 thoughts on “Obdurately Simple.

  1. We are encouraged by people of every point of view to become more complicated and more specific all the time. Know what? I really, truly admire the obdurately simple for refusing to buy into every trend or ism that comes by to demand obeisance. Being yourself is a gift. Being *your* self is a gift to others, too. 🙂


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