Ponte Vineyard Inn

After rather a hectic few days, we spent two very beautiful and peaceful days in Ponte Vineyard Inn.


Located about 15 minutes from Old Town, Temecula, Ponte Vineyard opened its doors to its guests in 2012.

It has an elegant charm with its red roof, porticoes, cypresses and stucco exterior.





This beautiful stairway leads to additional rooms on the top floor.


And this one, to….

The Cellar Lounge , a bar/lounge/restaurant, which has live performances on Saturdays. And their rice croquets and veggie flatbreads are delicious!

{Sorry I do not have any photos for the Cellar Lounge because, unfortunately, it was too dark for my cell phone camera.}

It has two other restaurants…


The Bouquet‘ located within the main building with an outdoor and an indoor seating….


 ‘The Restaurant at Ponte‘, located behind the winery, next to the ‘Barn’, where they sell their wine and host wine tastings.

{I do not have any photos for ‘The Restaurant at Ponte’ either because we did not dine there and I quite simply forgot to peek in to take a photo.}


The Barn.

The inner courtyard of the Ponte Vineyard is perfectly stunning with its little garden, its pond, and willows, the mountains in the distance and rows upon rows of grapevines. It was very quiet under the willows, and cool. It was a perfect spot for me to catch up on some reading while gazing, every now and then, upon the grey blue of the mountains.

IMAG1135 - Edited





The rooms are marvelous too! Very spacious.

Ours opened out onto a small patio surrounded by grapevines replete with sleepy little dragons (well, tiny little lizards really).




Sipping coffee on the patio the next morning, we saw this pretty sight.

Hot air balloons!! Taking off into the morning light! Wish we had known about this before. We might have hitched a ride into the skies!

But instead we settled, very happily I might add, for conversations with a winged one….



while we each sipped on the nectar of our choice.

4 thoughts on “Ponte Vineyard Inn

  1. Love it! Sounds like a wonderful place, and you got some magical shots of the scenery and that sweet hummingbird, too! I can’t imagine that such a stay would be anything but excellent for body, mind and spirit(s!). Ahhhhh. So glad you got to go!

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