Temecula, San Diego

I know in my last post I said we were off to Palmsprings next but I believe I was quite asleep when I typed that because our next stop was Temecula. We took the Sunrise Highway, a National Scenic Byway, through the Cleveland National Forest,  on our way to Temecula and boy, was it worth the extra drive!!! It was a long and winding road with absolutely stunning views!! And I saw my first orange trees along the way! That was so exciting!!





The photos really do not do them much justice.

The drive was over too soon and we found ourselves in Old Town, Temecula. It is a sweet little town with a main street filled with old style shops, plenty of restaurants, also an olive oil tasting company, a wine tasting place, a science camp place for kids, antique shops. We stopped in at the Sweet Shop because our son’s sweet tooth had gone into overdrive.


The owner of the store was so sweet that when he heard that I had never had a pop rocks candy, he treated me to one. Isn’t that sweet??


And after buying some fresh strawberries, nuts and oranges from a local produce store, we went in for some wine tasting at the Temecula Valley Cheese Company.


It was so windy!! But it was a wonderful cool windy. And with an old guy strumming on his guitar, crooning old Beatles songs, chilled glasses of wine and yummy cheeses teasing our palates and a fabulous view, we did not mind the wind at all! It was all fabulously mellow.

And its only going to get better at our next stop ~ Pointe Vineyards.


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