Richard Walker’s

Breakfast time and Richard Walker’s beckoned with their HUGE Belgian waffles and apple pancakes and melting crepes.





(The interiors are inspired by the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.)

Well, I might have braved their apple pancake because I have a thing for apple pies and this promised to taste like one if not yummier if it weren’t for the fact that they are really really HUGE and we are traveling and leftovers become a challenge. (I couldn’t simply throw all that yumminess away!!!?) So, I settled for their fresh French strawberry crepe, our son had the chocolate strawberry crepe, and my husband had the diced ham and 3 egg scrambled eggs.



Let me tell you, the food was DELICIOUS!!! The crepes simply melted in our mouths. The strawberries were sweet and there was this heavenly lemony, orangey drizzle that I couldn’t get enough of. So much so, that I polished off all three of the crepes < didn’t hear that from me. ;)>. My son wants me to mention that the chocolate was exceptional too and tasted like it was made from the best dutch cocoa. In short, it did not taste like melted Hershey’s. The eggs too were light and fluffy, the orange and grapefruit juice freshly squeezed. 

All in all, we were more than satisfied and walked away happy and satiated.

P. S. Look for the bunny on the menu. That is the house favorite. It seems the bunny is a symbol of hospitality.

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