Maritime Museum and Midway Museum.


The Maritime Museum is just fun!!! You get to walk on board 4 different ships and 2 submarines.

The ships – Star of India, Medea, Berkeley and the HMS Surprise.

The Submarines – B – 39 Submarine and the USS Dolphin Submarine.


Star of India

It is one of world’s oldest sailing ships.



HMS Surprise and behind that, the Berkeley.


HMS Surprise was used in the Hollywood movie, Master and Commander: The far side of the world.



Inside the Berkeley.

Inside are the Maritime offices, workshops, a museum shop, a research library and a huge special events room that is gorgeous.

What really blew my mind was all the riggings, all those ropes going here, there and everywhere. The sheer science of it and the enormity of the sails and all the hard work it entailed! Wow!


The Submarine.

The B – 39 is a Soviet submarines was used in the Cold War.

The Dolphin is the world’s deepest diving submarine.

(Claustrophobia in a metallic nutshell.)



The Midway

It is the longest serving Navy aircraft carrier of the 20th century.

It is GINORMOUS!!! And it is nothing short of a miracle that it even floats!! The main deck extends for what seems like forever! And has many many many service airplanes and choppers on display. You get a recorded tour with earphones that leads you through the upper deck, the below deck and the main deck. There are 66 tour ‘points’ and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to go through all of them. I did not take any photos because we did not have much time and I wanted to see as much as I could.


It was truly truly awe inspiring. And THAT is a gross understatement. I had a chance to talk to a World War II veteran who was in a camp for a year and half, one amongst thousands, and was present when General Patton arrived to rescue/release them. It was so very humbling talking to him. I shook his hand and thanked him the best I could because honestly words failed me. We owe all those men and women an eternal debt of gratitude for their selfless sacrifice. For saving the world from unimaginable atrocities. Though I felt the inadequacy of my gratitude, he seemed to understand. He looked into my eyes, nodded his head and smiled. Its alright his smile seemed to say. Its all alright.


A few words to ponder.

And on a lighter note….


Unconditional Surrender

This 25 foot (?) sculpture, based on a famous World War II photograph, is in the Port of San Diego right outside the Midway. I thought it was cute. 🙂

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