Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

The water stretches beyond my imagination and the setting sun sends an ethereal beam of light as though it wants to cut right through to the belly of the ocean, to its deep immense depths, to slice it through and through and peel it open like a fruit, laying bare its deepest wonders.

Sunset Cliffs, near Point Loma, San Diego, is a beautiful spot with rocky cliffs stretching crumbly fingers towards the horizon. Some of the cliffs are dangerous to walk on and there are warnings all along those areas, there are still plenty that allow you to walk to the very edge until you feel as though you are in the middle of the ocean. Well, almost. 😉


All around there is constant motion. Pushing and pulling, coming and going, backwards and forwards, moving, moving, constantly moving, restless, restless. Wave upon wave, the ocean beats its frothy head against the hardened breast of the cliffs, kissing its craggy edges. Wooing it, making love to it. But the cliffs remain unmoved, still, with a hardened heart.

The sun is setting now. I do not know if it is falling down, down, down or I am falling up, up, up, into the sky, to swim with the stars. I am not aware of the movement of the earth, only of time as it slips moment by moment beneath the horizon.



The sunset was not as brilliant as we were hoping it to be because it was a cloudy evening but we were glad to have visited this spot nonetheless.

The best part of it for me? Being caught between the setting sun and the rising full moon.


P.S. Please do forgive me if I become a bit incoherent here and there. I am blogging after a wonderfully long and exhausting day of sightseeing. At this point, I have to weed out my thoughts as every other one is saying SLEEP.


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