Hodad’s, San Diego

After our stroll along the Sunset Cliffs, we were ravenous. Something about the clear fresh air I think. The sun had kissed the day goodbye but we were ready to say hello to some food! So without much ado, we headed to Hodad’s. (We went to the one on Ocean Beach.)

We parked on Osprey Avenue and walked down the street gawking at all the food, jewelery and fresh produce stalls along the way. YUP! Street Fair! Oh the atmosphere was so different! Hopping, bustling, loud, sizzling. People were even dressed differently from what we see or experience in Cincinnati. They were dressed for warmer weather, as though for the beach. Even though it was closing time, some vendors were trying to squeeze in that one last sale. I would have done that too!

Closer to the end of the Avenue, we reached Hodad’s. It is an unassuming little place, packed to the brim with hungry people. Every inch of the walls were/are covered with license plates. They are from all over the country and say the funniest, silliest things. The spaces not taken over by the plates are given over to skate boards and surf boards.





We ordered their world famous double cheese burger with onion rings and the veggie burger with French fries. Everything was excellent! My husband did not even feel the heaviness that is sometimes caused by beef. It was very very well cooked and flavorful. So we definitely give it a two thumbs up (or should that be a 4 thumbs up?) and highly recommend it.





Some fun things we saw along the way.

That is all for tonight folks! Thank you for listening in!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We intend to!


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