About 5 minutes from the charming village of Mariemont, a few miles east of downtown Cincinnati, is a small pizzeria called PIZELLII.


Privately owned, its a simple combination of homely and contemporary.


Upon entering, the sight of pizza tossing personnel made our already rumbling-from-hunger tummies rumble double time. And the heavenly aroma of baking pizza crust only made the situation that much more urgent. We wanted FOOD! PIZZA to be more specific! NOW! 🙂


Needless to say, we did not waste any time in placing our order. After which, we were given a table number and asked to sit at any table of our choice. Inspite of it being a Friday night and the place being packed to the brim, we were seated within minutes of our arrival and served our drinks.


A goblet of woodsy and spicy Pinot for me, a chilled and hoppy pilsner for my husband and for our son, a choice(s) from 150 different selections of fountain drinks. Yup. You read that right. One Hundred and Fifty!

The Magic Machine

The Magic Machine

Let me tell you, he was in absolute Soda Heaven. His joy was nigh on complete. I am sure that if he could have, he would have danced a ring of Hallelujahs around that soda machine.

So after he decided to forego the happy dance after all and had made his choice, the process of which was nothing short of excruciating (how does one choose from 150 different options? what if it was the wrong choice? what if vanilla was better than cherry?…well, you get the idea…), we settled in (thank goodness for free refills!! it was easier to narrow it down. a bit.), and sipped our beverages noticing that the place seemed to be a local favorite. The ambience was happy, chirpy, upbeat..perfect for a Friday night dinner with family and friends.

No sooner had we settled in, then our pizza was served piping hot and straight from the oven.



Spiral Margherita, Pollo and a Classico.

The pizzas were individual sized, the sauce was spot on, fresh, neither too sweet nor too sour, the cheese fresh too and gooey, the crust thin and soft. It was a really really good pizza! We were especially thrilled because the sauce was made using San Marzano tomatoes! Always a plus!

We inhaled those spirals of red, gooey goodness in no time. It was a thoroughly satisfying dinner.

Pizellii is definitely going on our list of favorites around town.


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