Art Challenge Day 2

Today’s prompt was ‘Body of Water’.

Oh dear, I am in trouble already. Anything that moves or is the least bit ephemeral is simply beyond me.

I think I have a ‘deficiency’. I seriously cannot grasp the subtleties between light and shadow when an object is transparent or semi-transparent. Like the Iris from yesterday’s challenge. I have to rely a LOT on my imagination to fill in the shadows, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but, it does render the object a bit askew or plastic-ky. But that’s okay too I suppose because once my “inner critic” accepts that that is my version of the iris, its all good. Its all in the name of art after all, eh? 😉

So here’s my imaginary (it really isn’t all that imaginary. Pretty standard stuff really.) drawing of a Body of Water…


All in all, I spent an awesome 30 minutes doodling in the shadows. It did do my soul a lot of good. And that’s always a good thing!


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