10 Day Art Challenge.

A friend of mine recently set up a FB page called 10 Day Art Challenge – a drawing a day. Since I LOVE, nay, ADORE spur of the moment creativity, I jumped right in!

Some of the best ideas, I find, come after running smack dab into the face of a deadline. I personally lose some of the spontaneity (and perhaps enthusiasm too) when I have time to mull things over. Last minute work always has an element of surprise that is appealing. Not to mention, that thrilling dash of adrenaline.

The way I see it, this particular challenge is more of an exercise. To be taken lightly and in the spirit of fun. It is meant to help us keep one foot in the world of creativity so we don’t lose ourselves in the dull humdrum of daily life. To take a few moments from the day to simply pay attention and BE.

To keep a finger on the pulse.

So this is how it works:

For each of the 10 days, there is a prompt. You draw, sketch, paint, collage, crayon….the prompt.
You can give it a minute, 5 minutes, an hour or a day.
The idea is to put that pencil on that paper and scribble happiness. 🙂

Today’s prompt was ‘Flower or Plant’.

And here’s my mad dash scribbling…


And the inspiration…..


Please do join in the fun too! I would love to see your happy creations!


One thought on “10 Day Art Challenge.

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