Atlas shrugged and the earth went rolling…

Sometimes, something happens in our life, an occurrence though small and comparatively insignificant, it still has the power to through one off balance. We feel off kilter. Everyday life recedes as anxiety pools, a solid mass, in the center of our being. And we lug it around, all the while trying to ignore it, demean it, belittle it in our minds. Hoping that by closing, half shutting our inner eye, it will go away. But it seldom does. It just sits there and grows and grows until you feel it flood your heart and blind your vision. And soon it assumes a much bigger proportion than it really is worth.

Recently, I have discovered, well, stumbled upon would be more appropriate, a formula that works for me.

Whenever I start making a Mt. Everest of a mole hill, I sit down and pay particular attention to it. I try to figure out why I am making such a big issue of it and what I can do to turn it around. I try to ferret out the root cause. And at the end of the introspection, if I can resolve it amicably, I take action. If not, I try to let it go because worrying about it is not going to resolve it anyway. It will just have a toll on my health not to mention the thundercloud mood that everyone else has to deal with. 🙂

Sometimes it doesn’t go away completely but it does assume a more appropriate proportion and soon the sun begins to shine again and the birds sing and the world rights itself and tilts back into its space. In other words, Atlas stops shrugging and stillness finds its way back in.


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