About monsters and sleepless nights…

There’s a monster come live in my throat forcing me into an involuntary vow of silence and a sustenance of hot soups and herbal teas. Normally, I wouldn’t mind so much (for who wouldn’t mind lounging on bed all day, in jammies no less, under warm fluffy blankets with a hot cuppa and a delicious mystery on a cold winter’s day?) if it weren’t for the constant itchy-scratchy-on-fire-swallowing-shards-of-glass-kinda P.A.I.N.!!!
So, I’ve been sitting here since yesterday, drowning my pain in cup after cup of hot tea and a delicious mystery trying my darndest to ignore the pain and pretending that I am on an unexpected and unexpectedly wonderful vacation. And its working. Almost.

My little wellness corner.

My little wellness corner.

The culprit. The monster in my throat.

The culprit. The monster in my throat.

Something’s gotta grab
Of my wee trilly throat
Quick, is it a monster
Or a silly billy goat?


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