Parental thoughts.

We teach our children compassion and tolerance.
We teach them to respect boundaries and make allowances.
We try to be a good example of patience and forbearance even though some days one simply wants to throw that lesson out the window and just give in to that all-consuming and liberating hissy fit. Some days we do give in to that hissy fit because….well, simply because the temper will out and I am no saint.
But most days, we clamp down on that inner cheek, learn to breathe deeply and pray fervently for sanity and some semblance of wisdom.
But above all, we hope that our children are learning through us, with us and somewhere all this is being written, etched really upon their little hearts and souls.
We pray that they will learn to respect all living things/beings including themselves. And that one simply cannot, does not, place a value on life.

There is one life to live and it is up to us how we choose to live it. Of course there are going to be disappointments and pain along the way and of course we will indulge in those sad feelings and give ourselves time to heal. But, one must learn to get up and move on, with grace.
We teach our children to deal with hardships with grace.

And as parents we learn to respect their boundaries too.
We learn to put our trust in them while hoping quietly and fervently that they are making the right choices when they are away from us.
We learn to walk that tight rope while balancing whole egos upon our heads as they grow older and develop their own selves. When they think they know everything and do not think that they need our advice anymore. This is when we learn to come up with ingenious ways to give it anyway.

How tricky it all is. And yet how very worthwhile.

And at every single point, we never fail to let them know that we love them unconditionally.

We send them out into the world armed with the best of who we are, the best of who we can be and then pray.

I am learning so much through our son and I never fail to tell him that. That we are learning from each other. There is no Mother-Father-Child manual. We only have each other.


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