A day of lessons. Back to back and overlapping.

Patience and I
parted ways
before my life
counted be counted in days.
She stayed behind
to grace the Heavens
while I wander this earth
ardent and impatient.

Sitting atop a crumbling wall of stone, cold to the touch but bearable because of the warm sun on my face and the general happy, peaceful atmosphere that pervaded that little space, I closed my eyes and began to meditate. I knew that I was just beginning and had a lot to learn, a long way to go before the rewards manifested themselves. And being the kind of person who when she needs something, needs it now, I knew I had to work on my patience too. So at the end of my meditation, with the deep rooted fervor of a novice, I begged the energies of the Universe to teach me to cultivate patience and the love required to be kind to the person or situation causing the delay in gratification.

Having finished my prayer, I looked forward to the unfolding of the day. And…HA! Little did I know.

It seems my prayers were to be answered sooner than expected. Apparently, I wasn’t required to have much patience to commence the lessons in the ‘Art of Patience’. And I’ll tell you why.

(You can skip the next few paragraphs. I wont mind. I promise. Or you can continue reading and think of it as a small and tedious exercise in patience. 😉 )

After the walk, I buckled down to take care of some business. Taxes. That, in itself, I am sure you will agree, requires the patience of a saint. But much to my delight, I skipped through the first dozen or so lines with nary a stumble until I reached number 13 (hmm..number 13, I should have known). I did not just stumble here, I flat out fell on my face and got a bloody nose (figuratively of course). I could not make head nor tail of it. So I called the concerned authorities, to beg for mercy and help, and after 15 minutes of futile and utterly unrewarding pen tapping on my side, an agent answered my call. After another 30 minutes of running loop-di-doo around the point, we came to the conclusion that, after all, she could not help me. My information, it seems, was incomplete.

Just as I had hung up, my son called from school complaining of a stomach ache, a headache and a sore throat. Could I pick him up please? Of course! Mama’s on the way, honey! I brought him home, tucked him in bed and got the next available doctor’s appointment. My poor baby!

After waiting an hour and a half and veritably talking to a laptop (while I am thrilled that the doctors are using the latest technology, I am not quite sure how I feel about talking to one who is too focused on a computer screen and the typing pad. But she IS a good doctor and I suppose I need to move ahead with the times?), we figured it was only reflux and a mild cold. Thank Heavens!

But by then, we were a good 15 minutes late for our piano lesson. So I rushed him there, went home to fetch his piano lesson books and his clothes for the next activity that was lined up, rushed to the piano lesson where he barely had time to use the said books, finished the lesson and on to the next activity. WooHoo! Almost there!!

While at the next activity, I realised that I had to pick up water and non perishable items to be donated for the victims of the hurricane. So I rushed to the store, got the necessary items, got done with the activity, came home, helped the sonny with homework, made dinner, gulped it down, put him to bed a tad bit earlier than normal because his poor body needs to rest and huffed a sigh of relief as I patted myself on the back for a job well done. I, Mesdames et Messieurs, had won the first round.

Because through it all, as I fought tooth and nail to stay ahead of time, nary a word of frustration nor a signal of defeat escaped my lips even though a few choice words were ready to spring forth or should I say froth forth from my mouth and a hissy fit was dancing in my heart and at my fingertips.

But, I did not give in. At every turn and overlapping corner, I drew a deep breath, reminded myself that I had asked for this, that I was being tested and I calmly moved on as best as I could. Some days are going to be tougher than others, right? Throwing a hissy fit about it isn’t going to achieve much other than get you more flustered and out of sorts.

Can it really be as simple as that? I really don’t know. Only time will tell I suppose. Time, practice and more lessons, perhaps?

Drops of wisdom
blood of life
within my reach.


11 thoughts on “A day of lessons. Back to back and overlapping.

  1. Hey that poetry is about me too…patience why thou so cold hearted and away from me…
    but you had some day…salute
    and you know what they say about taxes
    its the feb-march curse
    constantly attacking your purse
    if not cold and flu
    taxes will surely get you

  2. If the only outward sign of growing patience is that there *is* no outward sign, I would call that a grand accomplishment! Patience is, as the saying goes, its own reward precisely because there’s generally no other overt one. But the knowledge inside that I didn’t let the horses run away with my cart–that’s pretty heady stuff when I can manage it! Well done, my dear.

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