A Sunny Sunday.

Its a sunny Sunday. I am trying to make short work of my chores, which, being a Sunday aren’t that many. Just a bit of pick-me-up-here, tidy-me-up-there kinda stuff.

The sun has cut a big swath of warmth across our deck that beckons and promises an afternoon of coffee and books and sweet laziness. And I cannot wait to hop on over and make the most of it.

The book I am reading, The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez – Reverte, is puuur-fect for this afternoon. Its a book about books which is a genre that I simply cannot resist. And as you have rightly guessed, this is based partly on Dumas’s famous novel, The Three Musketeers, which incidentally I read a month or so ago and so is fresh in my mind. I love how these things work sometimes, don’t you?

Anyway, the book begins with a death that is shrouded in deep mystery. The detectives have been unable to determine whether its a murder or a suicide and therefore the reader is in the dark. The protagonist, Corso, has been handed a part of a manuscript supposedly written in Dumas’s own hand and he has to authenticate it and at the same time another plot unfolds about a book called The Book of the Nine Doors of the Kingdom of Shadows written by none other than the dark, the evil, the fallen, Lucifer himself. Ooooh…how intriguing!

But what makes it down right fascinating is that there seems to be a connection between the two mysteries. Double whammy!!

There are a lot of juicy tidbits about Alexander Dumas, Rochefort, Richelieu and D’Artagnan sprinkled through out the first half. And there is a vague suspicion that some of the characters from the literary past have stepped through the pages of the book and time, smackdab into the middle of 1930’s. Could the mysterious stranger with the scar on his face indeed be Rochefort? And if he is, what could he possibly want from Corso and even more perplexing, why is he trying to kill him? And what could all this have to do with the book that contains a method to raise the Devil?

Dark, rich and utterly fascinating, the book is steeped in the occult and I cannot wait for it all to unfold so that I may breathe again.


2 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunday.

    • It was a good read but I feel it incumbent upon me to tell you that I found the end to be a bit anti-climactic. It wasn’t bad but more of a ‘Huh, that’s it???’ kinda feeling.
      But it could be partly my fault because I built it up in my head?? I believe I was more carried away than the author himself. 😀

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