Sealed with a kiss.

Today was a day for letter writing. You know, some days are just like that. Thoughts and feelings swirl to the top and will not be left unsaid, unheard. They must be spoken, shared with someone who is just as eager to swallow them up after savouring them awhile. One word at a time and then whole sentences together that smack of sweetness and reveries. That conjure pictures in the mind’s eye until you can see that person in the attitude of musing, writing.

The sun hums, warm upon my neck. Highly unusual for this time of the year. More warm days than cold. Not much snow. Too soon, the sweet Crocuses and Tulips are sending up their tender shoots to catch the sun within their hollow cups that curl into a smooth spiral just before reaching into the soil.There are tiny little buds on the honeysuckle and the rose bushes making me wonder if the eye will behold a sea of green sooner than expected.

Its crude I know, but, I am suffering from severe bicep tendonitis and it was all I could do to just grab the pencil and draw.

A faint tap tap tap reaches my ears. A woodpecker. Tapping for a mid-morning snack perhaps? The sound echoes through the leafless woods that compound it with their wintry hollowness and send it ricocheting from tree trunk to tree trunk, far and wide, further than it might have reached had they been lush with the summer green.
And then there is the whoosh whoosh of cars as they race to and fro, from work, to work, always busy busy busy…
Somewhere a child laughs. The sound, a sweet gurgling laced with mild hysteria. It makes me smile.
My pen scratches across the white sheet of paper, filling it with these sights and sounds. Impressions laid down with the curls of an alphabet waiting to be sealed with a kiss and sent on their merry way.

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