Soul Talk.

I love the word spirituality and all it conveys. I even aspire to it. But putting my self in the same sentence as the word ‘spiritual’ makes me cringe, ever so slightly. It makes me shift uncomfortably on my seat. The word feels like a coat that just wouldn’t fit right.

‘Spiritual’ seems to have a certain connotation to it. It conjures up someone without cares or vices or someone who is not bogged down by the mere-human condition. Someone who sits smack dab in the middle of the fountain of all answers and can spew words of wisdom through its never-ever-EVER-dry spout. At least, that is what my bewildered, mostly lost and confused mind conjures up.

And then, something happy happened the other day which gave me hope. I had a very long and a very ‘enlightening’ conversation with a wonderful friend of mine. And even though I haven’t seen the light in all its glory yet, at least, it dispelled/weakened some of the shadows.

There's no fire without a spark.

Our entire conversation boiled down to one short and brilliant sentence. She said to me, “We are all spiritual beings, learning through our human bodies“.

HA! Isn’t that wonderful? First of all, it says that we are all spiritual beings and second of all, it allows for the human condition!

What it says to me is that being spiritual is not about being infallible or about renouncing this life, this world with all its stupendous glories, but, about accepting our true selves, with our strengths and our weaknesses, and constantly learning, learning, growing, moving forward. Its about awareness. Awareness, not just about ourselves, but, about everything and everyone around us. Its about paying attention, listening, pondering, loving. Its about embracing life and everything it has to offer and quite simply, its about be-ing.

And I must say, I do like the sound of that.

Two parts of a Whole.

2 thoughts on “Soul Talk.

  1. Sounds like you have a good friend. I’ve always thought of spirituality as a part of each person that makes him valuable and capable of reaching up towards something greater, towards Truth. As abstract as “spirituality” sounds, I think it’s about connections and a relationship to the One who has all the answers. I agree with your friend- everyone is spiritual, whether they recognize it or not. 🙂

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