My Kitchen Companion.

Pirouetting on a slippered foot
a fair maiden, unfurled her skirt
and her spotted petticoat.

Stretching her long neck
she peered, incautiously
through the window.

For want of something to do and to assuage the guilt that I hadn’t been indulging my creative side lately, I grabbed a pencil, a paper and began sketching the first thing that caught my eye. This little orchid was a gift from a dear friend and sits pretty, in her white skirt and her spotted petticoat, on the windowsill in my kitchen. In her quiet and elegant company, I have spent many a mornings and evenings, gazing through that window, upon the ground, as the sun rose and then fell, as shadows lengthened, deepened and various little creatures made their cautious way through the grass and honeysuckle in search of their supper. We have shared many a moments of quiet contemplation as teas, curries and soups have simmered to perfection over the stove top and yes, boiled over because we were too engrossed in our “contemplation” to hear the hissing warnings.
She has watched me dabble in some rather dubious recipes without passing a single judgement.
She has borne, with quiet dignity, all my mad twitterings and gestures when those same recipes drove me up the wall.
She has applauded, with a subtle brightening of her mien, all my efforts and successes too.
But above all else, she has been my constant kitchen companion these many months, and I look forward to spending many more in her august company, either gazing through the window or cooking up a storm.


4 thoughts on “My Kitchen Companion.

  1. Finally I get over here to thank you for recently visiting my blog and liking one of my posts: Nature Insight: Side by Side.

    And what treasures I’ve found in your drawings and reflection…all so delicately and beautifully executed! I love the concept of your companionship with your orchid! I look forward to more.

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