Its all a matter of perspective…and balance.

The morning sun rushed in through the East facing window and as if with a relish for the dramatics, lit upon and lit up a side board table saturating its colours into a richer, darker hue. My wandering eyes, that were focused inward and blind to all else, moved within its range and were caught, mesmerised by its blood red depths and the yellow flowers that scrolled over its surface.

It took rather a long second for my mind to catch up with and put words to what my eyes were telling me and in that instant when they connected, an exclamation of pure surprise and joy rose to my lips and was uttered with all the force of feeling behind it.

My husband, who was likewise caught up in his work and oblivious to all else, looked askance at me. I, rather enthusiastically, pointed out to him all that I was seeing, but, I did not see the same dawning of comprehension or marvel in his eyes. All he could see were the stains and the chipped edges. I could see those too but I was much too happy contemplating the prettiness to be much bothered by the chips and stains. If anything, they only add to its charm, I said. My husband simply rolled his eyes and went back to work. But, I could not help noticing that he had a sweet, if tiny, little upward curve to his mouth. I had pointed out a moment of beauty to him when his day seemed to be focused only on the chips and stains.

Same table, different views. It was all a matter of perspective. And some day, when I am focused on the chips and stains, I know he will point out the rosy hues. Its all a matter of perspective…and balance.

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