Empty Spaces….

All those little baubles, decorations, ornaments that glitter, shine and reflect the pretty lights on the mantles and the Christmas tree, make the season so much more magical and cozier. They mark the time and make it so much more personal because not only do they remind us of the special people who have gifted them to us, but also, of other times when we put time and care into buying them.

But once Christmas is done, I cannot wait to wrap them up and put them away until the end of the year when it is time to display them again. I long, once more, for the empty spaces where I do not feel so crowded. For clean spaces, freshly dusted and mopped. Wide empty spaces where I can breathe again.

The same goes for the mind, I think. Now that all the shopping is done, all the gifts to be given are given, all the gifts received put away in their proper places, I can slow down and revel in that empty space where the lists seemed to be imprinted on my brain. It will be cluttered again soon enough with the things-to-do-this-year list, but, for now, this day, I will let my mind wander and enjoy the empty spaces.

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