A Worthy Recipient.

With a beating heart,
in an impassioned voice,
a voice that is wrenched
from an emboldened chest,
I may well ask the Universe
to pay heed.
To listen to the hopes
buried within.
To glance at the dreams
caged within.
And with all the kindness tied
to her apron strings
to hold out her hand
and give them release.
And she,
being modeled upon
the very virtues
of kindness,
of empathy,
she may well bend her will
to mine.
But the receiver,
what of the receiver then?
Will she be willing,
Will she be ready
to accept this charge,
to forge a new path
and leave the old,
the familiar,
To be a recipient
worthy of her gift;
Am I willing,
Am I ready,
to be.


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