An epiphany! Oookay, so it might be a bit late in the day for it, I might be a bit long in the tooth for epiphanies, but, better late than never I say! Yes?

Anyway, I believe I have found my New Year’s resolution. Yes! My very first one! How exciting you might say. What is it you might ask, with avid, eager faces. (You might, mightn’t you? Please? Pretty please?)

(Thank you!)

And so without much ado, I will tell you. It is this:

I will stop taking myself so seriously!

Yes! There! I have said it! From now on, I will write what I wish, paint what I wish, doodle what I wish and what’s more, I will publish it all! Muah ha ha ha.. (a hearty if somewhat hysterical laugh)


1. Life is too short.
2. It is SO much more fun to just let go and enjoy the process of creating.
3. I am not getting any younger.
4. What I have to say, either with words, colours or pencils, matters to ME dammit!
5. Life is too short.
6. Too many shoulda coulda wouldas hovering around my head and heart.
7. Best way to really get to know oneself and have fun while doing it.
8. Life is too short.
9. Its SO liberating to break the chains of self-imposed restrictions.
10. Did I say life is too short?

So there! Those are my reasons and I am sticking to them.

So, see you on the other side of the fence?


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