The Fullness of Silence.

Atop a hill, in our neck of the woods, well….not exactly in our neck of the woods, but roughly arms length….give or take a few miles…is a church. A beautiful church. A church full of hallowed silence. A deep silence that settles into your bones and evens out your breathing into deep meaningful breaths.

The kind of silence that wraps itself around you and holds you together even as you unravel. The kind of silence one needs after what seems like days of cacophonic activity. Constant noise. Talking on the phone, without a phone, giving/taking instructions, listening to the radio blaring all day long (and more than half the songs are the ones that one doesn’t even like), listening to thoughts that run absolutely amok without either a finishing line or a guideline in sight, chasing the ever increasing and never decreasing (hey, that rhymes) to-do list like the proverbial dog chasing its tail (and keep on chasing it well into the night even after the even more proverbial and not-so-mute or innocent as they look cows have come home), the list is endless! Is it any wonder then that one feels hollowed out and empty at the end of it?

So this is where I visit. To replenish, to regroup, to breathe and to let go. The minute I step inside, I leave the world and all its to-do lists behind, at least for a while. Lord knows, the lists aren’t going anywhere, and neither am I. But, they can wait. They can wait because this is my time.

This is my time to feel, to appreciate and be grateful, for the fullness of silence.


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