And so a chapter ends…

Today was bitter-sweet.

Bitter because it marks the end of a very important and fulfilling chapter in my life. It was my last ‘volunteer-in-classroom day’. I have recently learned that middle school does not offer many, if any, volunteer opportunities. And that simply breaks my heart.

Ever since our son’s pre-school days, I have volunteered in his class under some capacity or the other. Teaching a class for an hour, reading to them, teaching a craft, field days, lunch room/playground duty, Halloween/Christmas/Valentine’s Day name it and I was there.
It was a wonderful way of staying connected with him, of getting to know his teachers and friends, and meeting other parents.
I have also enjoyed getting to know all the children in his class, reveled in the simple pleasure of their sweet knowing smiles and their somewhat shy greetings of ‘Hello Mrs. Desai’ and watched them grow from a herd of human children (yes, I said herd :)) to little individuals with their own little personalities.

And it was sweet because I leave with many, many wonderful memories that I will cherish, always, and remember with fondness and love.

So how fitting is it that I end my volunteer days with a Valentine’s Day party? And how fitting that I help them paint little heart shaped boxes to be filled with sweet chocolaty love?

The supplies. And oh the possibilities....

Spot it. Stripe it. And fill it with chocolaty love.

Close it. Wrap it. And share it with a loved one.


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