But I just did that….and that!

I am not a clean-till-it-gleams-and-then-some-just-for-the-heck-of-it kinda person but I cannot stand clutter. Clutter drives me nuts so I try to keep a neat house. ‘Try’ being the operative word here. But I find myself being lazy about the silliest of things.

Like walking those few extra steps to get the paper that has been “delivered” on the driveway.

Similarly getting the mail or putting an outgoing one into the mail box. And I love walking! Go figure!

Taking that ever overflowing trash out to the garage. This job stinks! Literally! And its boring to boot!

Shredding those receipts that I have stuck on the top shelf of my closet and that have the most annoying habit of fluttering down to the ground every chance they get. But does that motivate me to shred them? Nope! No siree! I just stick them back up there to be shredded ‘later’. Yeah right! Who am I kidding? The only way they are going to get within inches of that shredder is if they walk, roll, flutter or whoosh all the way there themselves. Maybe I should just place that shredder under the shelf and be done with it. Then they can flutter away to glory right into those steely jaws. Muah ha ha….

Throwing away the balloons from a birthday party that was three months ago and that just hang there lifeless. A limp reminder of a happy celebration.

Or giving THE pumpkins an organic funeral. Yes, those pumpkins that have been sitting on our front doorstep since the beginning of autumn. Their souls are probably crying out in shame at being exposed to the world in this morbid, decaying state. But what can I do? I pass them only once a day and then they pass out of my eyesight and therefore out of my mind! I don’t even have the time to write myself a note reminding me to lay them to rest!
But..I suppose all this trudgery must be done again and again and again and so I will. So I will. But not now. Later. 😉

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