A day outside my own.

I have been on a spiritual journey this day, kneeling before Man and God alike. Finding Divinity in the Heavens above and here, below, on this Earth.

It all began yesterday with the end of a book I had been reading.

It left me with a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt strangely agitated.

You know how sometimes, a book, a movie, some song or a painting, some scent even strikes a chord somewhere deep within and it resonates with such strength through mind and body that it deigns to touch one’s soul causing ripples that leave us shaken, leave us with an unsettling feeling that is at once familiar and alien.

You feel as if there is something there that you need to know, to understand, but you cannot quite put your finger on it. It is as elusive as the body of smoke which forms and dissipates even before you could form an idea of it.

The book left me feeling strangely vulnerable and with a deep urge to connect. To connect with something larger than life itself, something outside my own.

And this morning found me on the steps of a beautiful church, built in the 1850’s, that still retains its old world charm. I am not a Christian. My meager knowledge of Christianity and Jesus Christ is gleaned from movies and books. It is rudimentary at best. But all that did not matter. When I entered that church, I knew in my heart, that I was at the right place. When you take away all the man-made rules and demands of religion, any religion, when you distill them all down to their basic form, you are left with simplicity, kindness and love. And the miracle of forgiveness. In that, they are all the same.The beauty and wonder of the moment was overwhelming and I knelt before Him humbly, in gratitude, in reverence and in surrender.

But the day was not done yet. This feeling of reverence took me to the Art Museum where I was assailed all over again, this time with the miracles and beauty wrought by man. Van Gogh, Pissarro, Monet, Manet, Gainsborough, Reuben, Titian, El Greco, Picasso….to name just a few. And I knelt again, in reverence, this time before man.

My heart felt full, fit to burst. I felt intensely soulful, alive and marveled at the gift of life.

There is infinite beauty above and infinite beauty below. I suppose that is what I needed to connect with. With the spirituality of creation.

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