The Neglected One

I tiptoed quietly past
with a new love held fast
when I imagined a sigh
a resigned roll of eye.
I stopped, I turned
I tamped guilt that churned
for the little edge in white
on the shelf, to the right.
And once more contrition
for this twice owned edition
became the order of the day
and held me in its sway.
Until I flung my new lust
from me in abject disgust
and reached for absolution
in this age old rendition.
With much acute reluctance
I gave her another chance
to charm, to delight
perhaps bring a truth to light.
Revived, in earnest, eager to please
the pages turned with ridiculous ease
awakened in her depths, eager to surprise
she unraveled her truth before my very eyes.
Until quivering she lay
her very soul to bare
and placed in my hands
her palpable web of strands.
And I? I devoured her whole
her words, figures and all
until it wasn’t quite clear
if she was a part of me or me a part of her.


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