A spring morning, rainwashed,
I gazed rapturously
at the vivid green of young leaves
against the wet dark bark
of the majestic trees.
The eternal circle came to mind,
of cessation and re-birth,
of gently burgeoning hope
after moments of crushing despair.
A heavy expectant silence
weighted down the air
as if the Universe,
spent from the downpour
lay dormant in repose,
gathering her strength once more
to surge up with tremendous vitality
in a manifestation of vigorous spring.
The rain loosened soil
lay moist and pliant under my feet
and from it arose
a heady, earthy fragrance
and heavy in its fullness
it climbed langurously upwards,
wrapping itself around me
and through my breath,
coming to rest lightly
on the tip of my tongue.
I closed my eyes,
and stilled my self.
I rooted my feet firmly
digging my toes deeper into her cool softness
and upon feeling the pull of affinity,
I let her wash through me,
her moment becoming one
with mine…
Until I too…..
was just as rainwashed.


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