One Man’s Acorn is Another Squirrels Treasure

Under the sun
and its mellow rays
steeped in a book
and its merry chase
I sat lost to this world
and all its ties
when a sudden flurry
caught my eye
looking up
I spied a squirrel
digging furiously
her tail aquiver
and after moments
of this frenzied toil
she stood up straight
beside the upturned soil
her tiny paws
turned daintily down
nose in the air
in her eyes a frown
standing thus
she sniffed out danger
and with beady eyes
scoped for a marauder
but sensing none
she opened her mouth
and dropped an acorn
plump and round
into the hole
with a clunk and a chink
and bent on secrecy
she covered it quick
then blissfully unaware
of a shadow on her treasure
she walked away serene
and seemingly at leisure
to come back one day
when the ground is white
the trees are bare
and not a berry’s in sight.

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