As time passes by and the years rush on
stumbling, now running, now stampeding
trying to clamber one on top of the other like falling dominoes,
I gaze at my reflection in the mirror
turning my face this way and that
like a poised bird trying to listen intently
to the echos only she can hear.
Even as my thoughts cross the bridge of time
and return to the days of my youth,
of sparkling eyes filled with dreams,
of a limber body that knows no bounds
of tender lips trembling for their first kiss,
my gaze mocks me in the mirror.
Move on she says.
Dont look back…for it is surely in vain.
Look instead at the wisdom shining in your eyes,
at the strength of your body
that has endured much and is yet faithful to you,
at the smile that lurks everyday at the corner of your lips.
And know that every wrinkle, every line
has a lifetime of love and laughter written on it.
Forgive and then will you see your true self reflected
still sparkling and limber,
still eagerly waiting for the dawn of another day.


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