There he sits
his back against a wall,
Careworn and aged before his time.
Submerged in the suffocating depths of futility.
Despair in every line of his face,
helplessness in the curl of his fingers,
unshed tears burning hot in his eyes.
Gaze staring blankly at a distance
looking inward.
Searching searching…
What does he search for?
Surely not for the days
when he listened for the first crow,
when he stood silhouetted in the dawn’s gray light
his strong body eager for a hard day’s work.
When everyday was hopeful
every night filled with dreams of green pastures.
Those days are long gone..
faded to a far distant memory.
Now he is just a body without a hope.
Just a body without a soul….
Simply searching, looking for an end.

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