I wish to write a poem
a poem with a rhyme
so I will put my great mind to work
and just give it some time.

Five minutes have passed
still there is nothing.
Come on cries my mind
something, anything?

The words seem to have vanished,
gone…without a trace.
Maybe…..just maybe
I could use numbers instead?

oh, that doesn’t work
so..dont bother..never mind.

I wonder if they are in the closet
playing hide and go seek
I must find them you see
or my poem will seem rather weak.

Or maybe they are in the kitchen
making toast and egg-fry
or baking some desserts
like pastries and apple pie

Could they be outside
flying around the trees and the towers?
Or making friends with the bees
among the petals of a flower?

They could be anywhere,
even swimming in the lake.
I have to find them, for afterall,
I have a rhyme to make.

So while I go look for them
will you hold the fort?
And if they try to sneak by you
just grab ’em and don’t ever let go.


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