Memories can be a blessing or a curse.
A fearful thing if a curse.
I have so many of them.
Of people, places…
They haunt my mind.
Fleeting shadows from the past
fighting for precedence.
In the stillness of the night
as I await the sweet embrace of slumber,
they assail my mind.
With hurried feet and fumbling hands
they tear at the barely healed wounds
until the pain comes gushing out
like a sudden downpour of rain
cold and drenching.
I sit up gasping for breath
quivering with anguish.
I reach out my hand
to that face, that voice from my past
longing to hold it to me once more
but it slips through my fingers
like mist through the blades of grass
leaving behind a paralyzing ache
for them that belonged to me.
Like a rabbit caught
in the bright glare of my memories,
I sit stunned, breathless…
my body tightly clenched
my lips murmuring soft pleas…
Oh sweet slumber, dont elude me.
Take me into your arms again,
hold me, soothe me.
Take me forward to happier times,
to new memories yet to be made,
to new people yet to be led into my heart
and an endless blue sky without a cloud.

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